Readers Testimonies
I am from Kenya—the only girl in a family of four. My father died in 1996 in a terrible car accident. It was very hard for me, and I asked God many questions. With all the bitterness in me, I'm sure I insulted God at some point.

Seven years later, I joined a private college, Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Well, all my classmates were from rich families. Myself, I only had my mother to look to, and as you can guess, she did not have a good job.

My mother could only afford to pay my tuition fee. I knew if I asked her for any extra money, it would make her feel like I didn't appreciate what she was already struggling to do for me. She had taken loans to pay my school fees. In addition, she was feeding the four of us.

Feeling Like a Loser

I developed depression due to self pity and pitying my mom. My grades were terrible. I was always getting zeros, yes, zeros on all my assessment tests.

One of the lecturers announced in class that if anyone wanted to become a loser in life then they ought to hang out with me. This only tore to shreds what little self-confidence remained in me.

I wanted to quit the university. But when I mentioned this to my mother, she almost had a heart attack. She asked her friend, Charity, to talk to me and give me the advice I desperately needed, since I had even become suicidal. Her friend was a believer and still is today.

A Friend and a Prayer

Charity just prayed with me and asked me to attend a deliverance class with her. By this time I was in my second year at campus, and my average grade was D.

Mark you, nobody wanted to be my friend because they did not want to be associated with a failure. So, I started the deliverance class. The moment I stepped in the door, God started working in me.

I was born again. I stopped hanging out with anyone who did what can be termed as evil or sinful. I stopped drinking alcohol, which I had turned to in the hopes of reducing my stress.

God is For Us

Miraculously, I started getting straight A’s in all my subjects. Right now, as I write this, I have a job. I insist on saying that if God is for us, then nobody, absolutely no one, can be against us.

My dream is to go to Canada or America to further my studies. I am already thanking Jesus for this, because even if the adversary wants to make me believe it is impossible, I will remind him that all things are possible with God.

He who that is in me is greater than he who is in the world. I will conquer all mountains!

Pastor Will

In December 1986, I was driving a gasoline truck with 2500 gallons of gas in the tanks. A drunk driver turned across the road and stopped in front of me. I hit him.

My truck rolled over, causing my fuel tank to bust. At that point, I found myself in a river of burning gasoline, trying to find a way out of my smashed truck.

There seemed to be no way out.

As I gave up the fight for life and realized I was going to die, a strange kind of peace came over me. I began to think of my wife and two small boys.

What would they do without me?

But I was powerless against what was happening to me. I had lost my breath, and by automatic reaction, my body took a breath of flames.

Within seconds of sure death, I said in my heart and mind, "God, please don't let me die."

That is when my miracle took place.

The flames parted. There was fresh air for me to breath. It was incredible.

Later, I learned that the flames were reported by bystanders to be 80-100 feet high. Yet, in the midst of all this, there was a path through raw gasoline that did not burn until I was cleared of the wreckage.

Of this I am sure—if you haven't experienced God, he is waiting for you right now. Just call out to him like I did. He heard me that day. He will hear you too.

In Christ,

Pastor Will


My name is Peter Stewart. I am a 46-year-old man. I am the product of a miracle from which many more miracles stem.

Due to memory issues, I had to research the beginning of this story with the people that were there - my family, friends, doctors and nurses.

Chest Pains

On August 31, 2005 at 10 p.m., I called 911, apparently having chest pains. The volunteer rescue team arrived shortly after. While being transported in the ambulance, I sat up, looked the paramedic in the eyes, said "something is wrong," and then died.

Life Support

They hit me three times with the paddles in the ambulance before arriving at the emergency room. In emergency they hit me 20 more times. From the time I "coded" in the ambulance, 15 minutes had elapsed. My heart was now beating, but only as I was sustained on life support.

Prayer Support

My brother was called from the neighboring state. He had not seen me in five years. He had to come and make a decision - whether or not to remove me from life support. His wife got on the phone, calling everyone she knew to start praying.

My brother arrived after I had started to breath on my own. He started praying for me. He even asked a lady he did not know to put her hands on me and pray with him. I remained in a coma for 55 hours.

Brain Damage

When I awoke I appeared to be in the worst state they could have imagined. They said I had severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The outlook for my recovery was bleak at best.

Spiritual Battle

My brother was in a spiritual battle of his own. He was upset that they had gone to so much trouble in asking God to bring me back, only to discover that I would have no quality of life. He listened to the things being said by doctors. "He won't be able to chew food." He also heard the word "vegetable."

My brother told me that regardless of what was said, "Everything is possible through Jesus Christ."

The professionals said that I would have to be under medical care for the rest of my life.

As Good as it Gets

After a little more than two weeks, I was moved to a nursing home. I was still using a catheter and being fed through a tube. My family attended meetings with the nursing home staff. They were informed that I had reached a plateau and this was as good as it was going to get.

I was conscious, but saying very little that was intelligible. I had been in this place for approximately three weeks. After the second or third meeting with the staff, my family came in to see me. I remember this day and only a few "blurbs" of things before this. We communicated, though not everything was understood. But, I remembered! I remember almost everything from this day forward.

Physical Therapy

My physical therapy began with being sat up and then falling over. The brain damage left me with little muscular control. I was told, "You have to learn to sit so you can be put in a wheelchair, so we can work with you." I learned to sit up again. I was pushed in the wheelchair until my motor skills improved and I was able to do it on my own.


After removing the catheter bag, they started teaching me to transfer myself from the bed to the wheelchair and back. Freedom! I had speech therapy also.

The physical therapist then began to work with my legs. I was told later there was no expectation for me to walk, much less on my own. They were right, except that "everything is possible through Jesus Christ."

In God's Grace

On January 1, 2006, four months since the day this whole ordeal started, I walked out of that nursing home. I got in my own car and drove away. I love all the people I met and got to know throughout all of this. They were all sent to me by the Lord who wants nothing more than a relationship with me.

I have no memories of the events of August 31, 2005. No pain, agony or anything bad. The only thing I am sure of is that I woke up in God's grace surrounded by people who love me. My fondest memory of all was sitting in a wheelchair outside the nursing home talking to a lady volunteer. She told me, "God has a plan for you."

I said, "I wish I knew what it was."

She replied, "You are already doing it. You are letting people know God is still performing miracles."

And that is why I am telling you my story. It is beautiful, isn't it?